Ripplet Starter
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Class Size1 : 8
Age18 months to 2 years and 11 months
Duration45 minutes
Cost$ 270 / session


  • Parent and child bonding
  • Repeat and practice child submersion and floatation towards the pool wall
  • Build on water confidence
  • Teach unaided swimming from 1-3 metres
* Due to COVID-19 situation, HKSA reserves the right to adjust the schedule when necessary. Please contact us to reconfirm your schedule.

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As a parent herself, Janet knows the joy, importance and difficulties of raising a child. Although being a parent consists of many different responsibilities than coaching, both roles possess a degree of overlap, namely guidance. With over 18+ years of coaching experience, Janet's compassion and teaching experiences will enable students to maintain a positive mindset - even when things get difficult!
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Christian Hamilton
Individual Trainer
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Pilates Instructor
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