About Us

Lives matter to us. When we learnt that drowning is amongst the top three causes of unintentional injury and death worldwide, we decided to take action and make a difference. Ours goals are to:

  • Promote water comfort and self-rescue skills.
  • Build a positive and healthy lifestyle around swimming.
  • Instil positive life values such as perseverance, compassion and respect.
  • Have plenty of fun with you.

We want to spread the joy of swimming whilst cultivating positive mindsets and enriching lives. Together, we hope to excel to greater depths with you.


Alex Fong

Being a believer in practising what you preach - Alex wants to get his feet wet!

Selected as one of Junior Chamber International Hong Kong’s prestigious Ten Outstanding Young Persons award in 2014 and a former Hong Kong Olympian in 2000 Sydney Olympics, Alex is still the current holder of two HK National swimming records in the 200m Backstroke and 400m Individual medley, both of which have remained the longest-standing (20 years-to-date) swimming records in Hong Kong. In addition, Alex was selected to be one of Hong Kong’s torchbearers in the Summer Olympic torch relay in 2004 and 2008.

Alex has been swimming since the age of two. Thus, that early discipline and training has shaped and cultivated his character. He owes much of his achievements to his parents and swimming coach who helped nurture and support his goals and aspirations. Alex has learnt a lot about sacrifice, perseverance, compromise, but also compassion, of which is an aspect he devotes an immense amount of time to.

Now an entertainer for more than 19 years, Alex is dedicated to help the less fortunate and continue his role as an ambassador to various notable charities. He continually strives to promote the importance of health and fitness to the community while giving back to society.